Ready-made concept for Haley-Davidson V-Rod
Giotto is a ready-made customization for the Harley-Davidson VRSCDX. This motorcycle is directly associated with a powerful wide-wheeled dragster. We have slightly modified this stereotype.


We decided to slightly change the familiar image of a muscular dragster that we are used to seeing based on the V-Rod. The design of Giotto stands out with its complete and harmonious form, from the front headlight to the rear brake light. We worked hard to seamlessly integrate complex elements to achieve the perfect result.
You don't need to understand anything about motorcycle culture to fall in love with Giotto. Everyone can find their own embodiment of style in Giotto. Any color and design of the wheels perfectly complement this design.


For the Giotto project, we have completely developed our own chassis. At the rear, a single side swingarm is installed to fully showcase the design of the 300mm wide cnc made wheels. This leads to changes in the placement of the air suspension.

At the front, we install a 21-inch wheel. For this, we manufacture triple trees and also modify the fork ends to accommodate radial calipers.


The basic set of body panels for FATBOX includes a rear and front fender, seat, chin fairing, and handlebars. The foundation of the rear fender is milled from solid pieces of aluminum. Fiberglass is used to create the panels. Additionally, there is an option available for a second passenger.

We keep the fuel tank in its stock form, which positively influences the functionality of the motorcycle and maintains its classic look.

Equipment highlights

Base Kit


  • Front wheel — 21x3.25'
  • Rear wheel — 18×10.5'
  • Rear tire — 18/35/300
  • Front tire - 21/60/130

  • Giotto body kit
  • Headlight
  • Pulley
  • Air Suspension
  • Offset kit
  • Single side swingarm kit
  • Handlebar
  • Front calipers
  • Brake disks
  • Exhaust
  • Mirrors
  • Foot controls
  • Engine covers

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