Ready-made concept for DUCATI X-Diavel
Aliense is a comprehensive concept of customizing Ducati X-Diavel. Now, the appearance and tactile sensations will fully correspond to the delightful riding characteristics.


While working on Aliense, we aimed to follow our best traditions of creating unique design. The overall structure of the elements is combined into a cohesive image. Aliense is a brutal dragster for enthusiasts of uncompromising riding and striking appearance.

To achieve the desired result, we had to redesign almost all body elements. And the new chassis allowed us to completely unleash the potential of the X-Diavel in a different way.


To accommodate the installation of 280 and 300 wide wheels, we have developed a new swingarm housing that allows us to use all the internals from the original. This makes the system highly technological and utilitarian, while also allowing for the installation of wheels with a stunning design.

Additionally, we have switched to using an 18-inch diameter instead of 17 inches. This allows us to evoke emotions from the design that are of a completely different level of perfection.


We have completely redesigned the X-Diavel body, while keeping the rider's position unchanged. The new fuel tank is concealed under a fiberglass element, which is integrated with the radiator and combined with new carbon elements.

The rear wing is a separate pride theme. We have created a unique stop signal that harmoniously fits between the carbon diffuser and the wing. This design also includes a seat for a second passenger.

You can choose different carbon patterns, which, combined with the body color, can give an incredible result.

Equipment highlights

Base Kit


  • Front wheel — 18×3.5’
  • Rear wheel — 18×10’ | 18×10,5’
  • Rear tire — 18/35/280 | 300
  • Front tire - 18/130
  • Swingarm kit
  • Pulley
  • Triple trees
  • Handlebar
  • Gas tank
  • Aliense Body kit

  • Foot controls
  • Hand Grips

  • Front Brake disk
  • Calipers

  • Mirrors
  • Exhaust

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