Ready-made concept for DUCATI X-Diavel
PIOMBO-X - a limited edition of a true work of art based on the Ducati X-Diavel. It's a case where one press of the engine ignition button separates you from uncompromising riding characteristics to the museum stand.


Perfectly crafted elements, a balance of texture combinations and color solutions, the use of advanced technologies and materials allow creating a unified organic design of Piombo-X.

By choosing Piombo-X, you are choosing a true exclusive that emphasizes the undeniable status of a wealthy connoisseur of modern Moto art.


To accommodate the installation of 280 mm wheel, we have developed a new swingarm housing that allows us to use all the internals from the original. This makes the system highly technological and utilitarian, while also allowing for the installation of wheels with a stunning design.

Additionally, we have switched to using an 18-inch diameter instead of 17 inches. This allows us to evoke emotions from the design that are of a completely different level of perfection.

The project utilizes numerous carbon fiber elements, which allow for the preservation of the motorcycle's impressive weight characteristics while also enhancing the elements with a complete design.


The Piombo-X body is our pride. All elements are made of aluminum by milling to achieve perfect lines and assembly of components. We completely manufactured the rear part of the frame to obtain the desired shape of the rear fender.

The ability to seat a second passenger, combined with excellent handling characteristics, makes the Piombo-X the perfect everyday motorcy


Equipment highlights

Base Kit

  • Front wheel — 18×3.5’
  • Rear wheel — 18×10’
  • Rear tire — 18/35/280
  • Front tire - 18/60/130
  • Swingarm kit
  • Pulley
  • Triple trees
  • Fork cover
  • Front fender
  • Aluminum fuel tank
  • Rear frame
  • Seat
  • Rear fender
  • Handlebar
  • Headlight with cover
  • Chine fairing

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